Providing Professional Care of Trees and Shrubs

At Diggin It, we understand the value of trees and shrubs. Not only the monetary value they add to your home, but the less tangible value they can add to your life. Few things compare to sitting under the shade of a majestic Oak, or the fragrance of a Viburnum in full bloom. Our Certified Arborist and team will strive to provide the very best in care for these large woody perennials, so that you can enjoy them for years to come.


Pruning is a skill that requires both training and a good eye. The future shape and health of a tree or shrub is determined by the pruning (or lack of it) the plant receives as it grows.


Some landscaping jobs are approachable as DIY projects, tree removal is not typically one of those. It takes training and experience to safely remove a large tree.

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