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Diggin It, LLC - 
creating personal outdoor spaces that perfectly

suit your needs and desires.


Through inspired landscape designs and experienced, professional care and maintenance of your trees, shrubs and lawns we strive to create outdoor spaces that suit your home and your lifestyle, as well as your budget, while
remaining mindful of the environment and our impact on it.

We work with nature, employing organic products and methods whenever possible, even when tackling invasive weeds and damaging insects. 

Through our continued professional education, shared knowledge, and teamwork, we strive to offer creative and sustainable landscape solutions. 

We want to make your landscape your personal sanctuary.

Professional  Landscape Design/Install 

Using Hardscape and Softscape Solutions


Hardscape elements in your landscape are solid and consistent over time. They include such features as walkways, patios, retaining walls, and stone, block or wooden structures.


Softscape refers to the living horticultural elements such as trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, and annuals. They are fluid and change as they mature. 


An ideal landscape is a balance between these hardscape and softscape elements. Using proper design principles we strive to create this balance and provide our clients with attractive and functional landscapes.  

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